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Compressed cardboard core
5-ply wood rails 
Upcycled Airbus carbon
Biosourced epoxy resin

Screen printing is done by hand

Length: 32.5"
Width: 8.5"


Explore Trashboard's 8.25" street skateboard, a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and classic sensations. Featuring a compressed cardboard core and 5-ply wood rails, it ensures lightness and responsiveness while preserving the authentic feel of traditional wooden skateboards.

Upcycled Airbus carbon provides unmatched performance, while biosourced epoxy resin underscores our commitment to sustainable practices. Each board is a unique work of art with handcrafted screen printing, adding an artisanal touch to your riding style.

With a length of 32.5" and a width of 8.5", this Trashboard street skateboard combines agility and control, redefining your urban skating experience. Enjoy outstanding comfort and performance offered by our skateboard, passionately designed for discerning skate enthusiasts.

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