The origin of the project

  • In 2017, François Jaubert made a surfboard from packaging cardboard with which he won an innovation competition in California.

    With this success the boards, his surfboards, take place in various exhibitions in Europe (Barcelona, ​​Cologne, Paris...).

    His film on the subject: Trash Surf and Gold even won a Surf prize at the Film Festival in Anglet in 2018. The idea is “to transform your cardboard trash into gold surfboards ”.

    Aware of the strong interest in his project, François developed a process to industrialize his invention: over 3 years he produced several prototypes in order to improve the reliability and performance of this new material made from packaging cardboard.

    A TRASH project and the production of BOARD boards = TRASHBOARD

    Photo credit: Gaëlle Coudert

Film trailer Trash Surf and Gold (François Jaubert)

Photo credit: @Arthur Fraisse - Artemi